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Carter Burden Network (formerly The Carter Burden Center for Aging)

The mission of the Carter Burden Network (CBN) is to promote the well-being of seniors, aged 60 and older through a continuum of services, advocacy and volunteer programs in NYC oriented to individual, family and community needs. CBN is dedicated to supporting the efforts of older people to live safely and with dignity.

Established in 1971, CBN now has 12 programs in seven locations throughout Manhattan. As a leader in aging services, CBN offers vital resources that enable the elderly to feel in control of their own lives in a loving, supportive community. We create connections that validate our clients’ sense of self-worth. We provide programs that nourish the mind, body and spirit. CBN’s programming and services are based on a four pillar framework that includes senior centers, health and wellness, social services, and the arts.

The agency serves 5,000 older adults each year with a range of services and programs such as elder abuse prevention, case management to access critical benefits, caregiver resources, and health & wellness initiatives, i.e. falls prevention programs, A Matter of Balance, Tai Chi for Arthritis, and Stay Active & Independent for Life (SAIL). CBN also has an art gallery in Chelsea for professional artists aged 60 plus. Please visit our website to see the full range of our programs.

Contact: Dozene Guishard, Director, Health and Wellness Program

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