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Educational Alliance

Educational Alliance has been helping people realize the American Dream for over 128 years. Today, they provide services to 50,000 New Yorkers —from infants to older adults—annually at 17 locations in Lower Manhattan—from the Lower East Side and East Village.

Older adults stay independent, healthy, and connected in Educational Alliance’s community centers and in their homes so that aging is a journey they take as part of a community, not in isolation. The organization’s adult programs provide numerous educational and social services—such as health promotion activities, congregate meals, and cultural programming – and emphasize community, support, and respect. More specifically, Educational Alliance offers 2 senior centers, 2 senior residences,  a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC), Project ORE (counseling and case management), as well as falls prevention (such as Tai Chi for Arthritis) and other fitness programs.

In addition to early childhood/afterschool programs offered to families and parents, as well as programs for artists of all ages, Educational Alliance also helps others in the community achieve and maintain sobriety, reconnect with family and friends, secure employment, learn English, and become an American citizen. Throughout all of their programs, they have many intergenerational events and activities so that people in all stages of life can learn from each other.

Contact:  Sheryl Fuller, Vice President for Older Adult Services

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