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In recognition of the reality that many factors – beyond solely medical ones–influence health, the organizations that make up CommunityCare Link are providing numerous high-quality social services and programs that improve the health outcomes of older adults and people with disabilities. These services and programs address a variety of needs including nutrition, socialization, transportation, and caregiver support.

Launched in 2017, CommunityCare Link began with a focus on evidence-based falls prevention programs. However, we expect to expand the services offered to include Social Adult Day Care and Chronic Care Management, and ultimately, many more services for older adults (e.g., meals, care transitions, chronic disease/diabetes self-management, and more).

Learn more about these services below or contact us to discuss one you’re interested in:

Older adults exercise

Falls Prevention

Falls are a serious hazard for older adults. Research shows…

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Social adult day

Social Adult Day Care

All Social Adult Day Care programs provide participants with socialization,…

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Chronic Care Management

CommunityCare Link helps maximize the impact of the Medicare Chronic…

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