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Management Services Organizations (or MSOs) exist in many sectors to provide “back-office” services to independent agencies, enabling them to achieve greater administrative efficiency and share fixed costs. In some ways, MSOs function like cooperatives, where independent actors (e.g., grocery stores) can use common marketing, purchase in bulk, and increase their scale. In healthcare, MSOs have some similarity to Independent Practice Associations (IPA), which allow groups of providers to contract collectively with payers, although MSOs typically do not enter into contracts directly with payers.

CommunityCare Link provides coordinated marketing and facilitated contracting between our member agencies and healthcare entities. It will provide electronic billing support and quality assurance regarding services delivered to clients under contracts with healthcare payers. Additional functions and needs may emerge over time, and we look forward to learning more as we move forward. For now, the costs of startup are being contributed by DFTA. Eventually, CommunityCare Link will generate sufficient earned revenue to become a self-sustaining operation under ANYF.

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